Snow and Van Gogh

Amsterdam was an even briefer visit for us and is the least amount of photos we’ve taken of any one place.  I want to return one day to experience Amsterdam in the late spring or summer because most of its charm is found outside.  While we were in Amsterdam, however, it snowed like the dickens … More Snow and Van Gogh

In Bruges

Before we left on our trip this year, Callum and I were really stuck on where to go for the last leg.  We went back and forth between Jordan and Egypt and Turkey and Western Europe and China and who knows where else.  We decided on Europe because I still haven’t been to much of … More In Bruges

London Calling

After our New York adventures, we traveled across the pond where there lies a magical land where everybody speaks like they’re from “Downton Abbey”.  For real!  They have these charming accents and they’re all quite different and that’s truly what they sound like!  It was quite novel for me, a Canadian gal, as I’ve never … More London Calling

Concrete Jungle

One of my favourite things which would have to be included in my own personal rendition of Maria Von Trapp’s song would have to be: seeing things in real life which I have seen in movies or television.  New York is the setting of pretty much every movie ever.  That’s a fact.  We did a … More Concrete Jungle

Museums, Monuments and the Metro (Washington D.C.)

Exit stage left: warm weather.  Enter, stage right: an age of winter coats, hats, mittens, scarves, museums and monuments and relearning how to use the metro, or whatever the heck they call it in D.C. We haven’t had to use subways since, well, I literally cannot remember the last time.  It has been nice having … More Museums, Monuments and the Metro (Washington D.C.)

The Island of Kauai

I was most excited about visiting Kauai because it is a place I haven’t seen before and I looked forward to one of the activities we planned to do there, which I won’t spoil in my opening sentence. We arrived late at night after a very brief flight of only 20 minutes from O’ahu.  After … More The Island of Kauai

Oregon and Up

Our final four days of our USA road trip was a smattering of single-day visits to various places in Oregon and Washington.  Oregon is a great state, if only for its low sales tax.  But there is so much more to offer!  They have a beautiful coastline and scenery, outlet shopping malls, and the stunning … More Oregon and Up